With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada right around the corner, companies of all sizes will be faced with the challenge of how to address this issue. The Cannabis Learning Series was created to address this issue, and your overall workplace health and safety head on by providing employees, supervisors and executive teams with proper education and training.

Why Choose CLS?

White Labelled

All eLearning courses, resource materials, and visuals can be custom branded with your company logo and colours to blend in with your current training and engagement material. Ideal for any sized company looking to promote a safe and healthy workplace and minimize liability.

Turn Key Solutions

Our learning series is ready to go and can be rolled out to your personnel within 2 weeks. Our package contains the training and communication tools you need to implement an impactful solution. We’ve created courses targeted to both your supervisors and employees to meet each your member’s specific needs. It’s a simple, turn-key solution to help your company prepare for day one of legalization.

Fit For Duty

Workplace health and safety is our primary concern with the legalization of Cannabis in Canada. Our learning series was developed with this in mind. The CLS package will help prevent workplace impairment incidents and ensure all of your staff is Fit for Duty.  Our Fit For Duty prevention/awareness communications campaign, that is included, lets you reinforce the importance of workplace safety consistently throughout your organization.

Engaging Content

By using our Blended Visual Learning approach we take traditional blended learning theory to the next level by ensuring content is designed and developed by expert instructional and communications designers. We use the principles of visual marketing and apply them to the learning space to break through the traditional dry and boring corporate training content.


With the ability to White Label our CLS Package with your company logo and colours it will standout with employees and speak directly to them.  The eLearning courses, as well as the resource materials will look like they are part of your pre-existing training package.