Fit For Duty Package

A turn-key training package focused on training, education and awareness around the new cannabis legalization laws.
Custom branded with your company logo and colours making it easy to integrate into your existing training programs.

Fit For Duty Training Package Materials:

Fit For Duty Logo
Includes the professionally designed Fit For Duty logo in your custom brand colour that can be integrated into your own company materials.

Brand Guidelines
Provides you with direction on how best to incorporate the Fit For Duty brand into your prevention and awareness materials.

Professionally designed posters that can be printed and distributed throughout your workplace reminding your staff the importance of being unimpaired and Fit For Duty. 

Fit For Duty Stickers
Includes stickers in your custom colour in a variety of sizes that can be used on hard hats, worksites, office materials and vehicles to reminder your workforce on the importance of being Fit For Duty.

Training Overview Document 
Available in 7 Languages:
English – French – Cree – Spanish – Chinese – Punjabi – Tagalog

    2 x PowerPoint Slide Decks for Supervisors

    • Cannabis Legalization: Rights & Responsibilities
    • Cannabis Legalization: Disclosure and Accommodation

    3 x Ghost Written Articles
    For inclusion in newsletters or on your intranet

    • Cannabis and Workplace Impairment
    • Employer/Employee Rights & Responsibilities
    • Recreational Marijuana: How will it affect the workplace

    Educational Video Library

    • How Cannabis affects the body
    • Medical Cannabis 101
    • Medical Cannabis Consumption & Impairment
    • Medical Cannabis & Prescription Drugs
    • Cannabis: Addiction Assistance
    • The Difference Between Marijuana & Hemp
    • Cannabis and the Workplace
    • Cannabis Legalization: Rights & Responsibilities in the Workplace
    • Cannabis and Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policies
    • Legalization: The Facts

    For more information please contact
    one of our training specialists.