Checker Transportation Group Launches Fit For Duty Campaign with Cannabis Learning Series

Checker Transportation Group has established itself as a safety leader in the Canadian transportation industry by implementing a Fit For Duty prevention and awareness campaign. They are preparing to roll out the Fit For Duty brand and messaging across their entire fleet of vehicles to educate employees, passengers, and the general public on what it means to be Fit For Duty. As a company with a fleet of over 900 vehicles and 1300 employees, they are setting the standard for impairment awareness leading up to the legalization of cannabis.


“We want to ensure that our number one priority is that our drivers, our customers, and our staff are safe at all times,” said Kurt Enders, President and CEO of Checker Transportation Group. Enders understands that impairment goes beyond drugs and alcohol use and is working actively with Cannabis Learning Series (CLS) to spread this message to employees and the general public. Checker has always strived to be a safety focused business and this initiative is an important part of their continued commitment to safety and impairment awareness.


“All Checker cabs will have Fit For Duty stickers on them. The goal in having these stickers and logo throughout the workplace is to have a constant reminder for drivers and passengers, that Checker is committed to safety,” said Jeff Bradshaw, President and CEO of Cannabis Learning Series. “We encourage all companies with safety sensitive positions to incorporate some kind of a Fit For Duty program, to minimize any workplace incidents and your employees safe.”


Checker Transportation Group is encouraging all their drivers to take the pledge to be Fit For Duty at, and they challenge others in the transportation industry to do the same. Health and safety are a top priority for all companies, and Checker has taken the first step in maintaining a safety-focused business.

(Written by Neil Wong – Marketing/PR Assistant – The Cannabis Learning Series