Dr. Christian Turbide

Medical Advisor

Dr. Turbide graduated from McGill with a PHD in Gastroenterology. He also has specialty training in Therapeutic endoscopy and ERCP, with a fellowship in Endoscopic Ultrasound. In addition, he has had further training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Turbide has a practice in Calgary, Alberta. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary, and Examiner at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons for Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Beyond this, he serves as a faculty member at Seacourses, where he teaches about maintaining health on cruise ships.

He has been a regular guest radio host on CBC radio, as well as a guest on a local Alberta television health program and is the current president of the Alberta Society of Gastroenterology. He has also been the past recipient of the endoscopy teacher of the year award for his exhaustive efforts.

Finally, Dr Turbide is the current medical advisor on the board of directors for a small medical cannabis start up focusing on CBD oil. As well, he acts as a medical consultant for a medical cannabis education clinic. His duties there include consulting with patients and reviewing their new prescriptions and renewals for medical cannabis. While in this role, he has overseen the care of over two thousand patients specifically for medical cannabis.
A wealth of medical knowledge and experience, Dr. Turbide provides CLS with the medical expertise we need to ensure messaging is clear, and medically sound.